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Rick and Morty: We’re all going to die in the end

For a few years now, there are few series that have absolute sovereignty in the field of animation. The audience prefers some to others, but the answer that almost everyone will agree on if you ask them about these series will not go out «The Simpsons» and «Family Guy» and «South Park», which Works that deserved their fame and success, even if they occurred over time, as often happens, in the trap of repetition and stereotyping, a trap in which the series, which lasts for years and years, begins to recycle its old ideas, and soon viewers get bored and looking For something new where you can watch rick and morty season 2.

For a while, Futurama took center stage with its characters and its witty adventures in space and through time.It was considered the best comedy science fiction series ever, especially since a team of real physicists was involved in writing its episodes, to ensure that the imagination exists. On scientific theories.

But, as it does all the time with successful works that one thinks will last, the series eventually underwent calculations of gain and loss on television networks, and ended up being discontinued at the height of its success, which left millions deeply disappointed and made them think years would pass before they found work. Similarly, they evoke their imagination and provoke their sense of humor, giving them characters they deserve to follow week after week.

Fortunately, the wait did not last long. In December 2013, the same year that Futurama ended, the Rick and Morty episodes began.

The series was conceived and written by Dan Harmon, who has proved to be a successful comedian in the series Community, with Justin Roeland, an actor, director and producer.

The idea began with the short animated film directed by Roeland and gave his voices, and presented a parody of the trilogy «Back to the Future», the two worked to develop the idea and characters to be valid for a series with separate separate episodes, and it seems that both Harmon and Roeland found in the other the ideal partner to present the work , Which, within a short period of its introduction, has turned into a global phenomenon resounding success at both the monetary and the mass levels.

The happy family of Rick and Morty

Like many animated series, the main heroes of Rick and Morty are a very American family, which Harmon and Roeland use to present a very realistic picture of family disintegration in American society, especially the middle class. Anywhere in the world, which many other countries have pointed out and confirmed.

Jerry’s father and Mother Beth married forcibly because she was pregnant at the age of 17, an incident that struck their dreams and aspirations to the forefront, as the focus shifted from seeking to fulfill traditional family duties. She wished, and only the surgery on horses.

While Jerry occupies a very normal job that makes his life quite routine, especially since he is a man of an inherently weak personality, does not have much intelligence, and does not succeed in the goodness of his heart to make up for the lack of seriousness in his being, and he is aware of this in spite of his intransigence, although he rarely seeks to change his reality Or improve his image in front of his wife and two children, and of course love between the spouses is not enough to solve any of these problems in any way.

«Rick and Morty» is not a traditional series, in which a new problem arises every week and solved by the end of the episode.

The old daughter Samar, a high school student, has a fair amount of intelligence and independence, a sharp and pungent tongue, and chased her all the time obsessed that her parents blame her for the interruption of their normal course of life and the collapse of their dreams, which is largely true, and is reflected in the dialogues Between the characters.

The young son «Morty» is a completely traditional adolescent, very limited intelligence, the most preoccupied to pay attention to the Belle chapter and dating, and is not much respect for his father, despite the many similarities between them, and perhaps precisely for this reason, and seems to prefer his mother as the wise person in the family, But his life is completely transformed when the absent grandfather returns to the family after the disappearance of 20 years.

Rick, the ingenious scientist, is the smartest creature in the whole universe, the man who has come to secrets unthinkable, and has toured hundreds of worlds, planets and parallel universes and fought terrible adventures, the drunken drunken drunken who cares for no one or anything but himself The whole life is meaningless, and the best way to deal with it is to live it to the fullest extent possible before the inevitable end, which is inevitable no matter what its genius, the nimble, nasty, cute, beloved character, who has stuck in the minds of viewers and has become one of the most fictional characters in the history of television. .

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Rick: I’m a genius, so I’m miserable

If this were not a comedy series, and if the character were non-cartoon, most of us, Rick Sanchez, would have found a really unpleasant man. He does not care about anything or anyone, and does nothing only if it is in his own interest, even if he refuses to do it a few minutes ago, but the circumstances have suddenly changed.

Rick believes that everything is scientifically interpretable and subject to fixed rules, even the love that he sees as a chemical reaction and succeeds in proving this already, and even evil says that it is measurable and analytical if you are a genius, and this proves so when he overcomes Satan himself. Because science is the only thing that makes sense, it does not allow emotion, philosophy or religion to play a role in his life. Every action that is completely practical, every adventure it takes, will benefit him materially, regardless of what others consider it good or evil.

Rick is a sociopathic character, and a living embodiment of Camo’s nihilistic philosophy, because he has long since stopped trying to find an intrinsic value or meaning for life. The reason for this series is the application of the theory of multiple worlds, a real scientific theory developed by American physicist Hugh Everett III in In 1945, she says that there are an infinite number of universes similar to our universe, albeit different in many respects, and that the possibilities of anything in the past, present and future lead to the creation of a new reality with new possibilities, and so forth.

This theory was applied by Rick with the invention of a hexagon dimension that allows him to move instantaneously from reality to reality. In the episodes there are signs that this invention was the beginning of the transformation of his character, when there are infinite copies of your daughter, grandson and everyone you know, when the earth is a sand atom on one beach between an unlimited number of beaches, and when all the value of life and death dissolves because each Something and everyone and every place is replaceable with just a press of a trigger, and when all the possibilities are possible, such as if Hitler discovers in a world a cure for cancer, there is no meaning to anything, which is the point at which Rick is freed from any moral or emotional restrictions, and becomes a preoccupation. Severe pain anesthesia that controls his being after this discovery .

An ingenious grandfather drinks huge doses of alcohol and takes drugs. At the same time. This is a person who only seeks to forget the moment of his miserable life, it is no wonder that the famous phrase «Waba Laba Dab Dab», which is constantly repeated and considered by the viewer funny, in fact means: «Help me, I feel great pain».

Morty: I’m stupid, but I’m also miserable

Cant look away rick and morty

Rick realizes that his life itself is worthless and meaningless, let alone that of others, including his grandson and partner, Morty.

In one episode, we know that a large number of Rick’s copies decided to create a castle uniting them against the galactic government and other organizations they encountered in their adventures, but Rick’s hero hero refuses to join them on the pretext that the mere idea of their alliance against the government makes them a government, and he refuses to join an entity. He makes him an individual in a herd, while he sees no problem in having Morty be part of such a herd, because every morty through the universes cannot survive without Rick protecting him.In addition, the ‘mortal’ brain waves act as excellent cover to hide the ingenious waves of Rick’s brain from his enemies.

The relationship between Grandpa and his grandson is very complicated. Morty looks at Rick with admiration, but he is often shocked by his extreme actions, such as setting up a full theme park inside the body of a street vagabond, or making an entire universe generate power for his car’s battery, or sell a weapon to a space killer for Of money he spends a day of entertainment.

Over time, we see a conflict in the same morty that forces him to shift from a dreaming teenager with a brilliant intelligence to a pessimistic person closer to Rick, who begins to give in to his nihilistic ideas. He lives for a particular purpose, and no one belongs anywhere, and we will all die in the end. Come watch television ».

Despite this, Morty remains more than his grandfather in his madness and extremism, and while Rick does not pay much attention to his opinion, we clearly see that their many adventures together caused him to mature early, as well as his father and mother’s unsuccessful marriage, so much that Viewers’ theories about the series (in the hundreds on YouTube and Reddit, which in itself is unprecedented for the cartoon series) say that the end of Murti’s dramatic line will be either by killing Rick or turning it into him, and references to this and that already exist.

Rick and Morty: “but” science fiction

Rick And Morty Science fiction

The series tries to ridicule sci-fi clichés, which are frequently repeated in movies and novels, and often turn them upside down in a convincing and funny way. The idea of time travel, for example, is so far impossible scientifically, so we see Dan Harmon confirms that they do not intend to provide any stories of time travel in the series, because of the inconsistencies and gaps in events that can not be dramatically elevated.

However, a good number of episodes of the series are based on real scientific hypotheses, including the principle of suspicion for «Heisenberg», and travel in space at a faster speed of light through the use of dark matter concentrated, Schrödinger cat, and raising the IQ of dogs, and the theory of «Elon Musk» About that our world is really just computer simulation, and others.

This scientific basis, at least in theory, is part of the thrill of “Rick and Morty”, and prompted a number of scientists and authors of science fiction to praise it, and some even confirmed that if we extracted the comic factor, the adventures of the series fit to be science fiction black stories par excellence. And Don’t forget to watch rick and morty online at https://watchrickandmorty.me/



The Dark Series

The Series «Dark»: The Oppressed Human In The Temporal Darkness

Many of those who followed the Dark described it as one of the most complex series, and this is a result of the complexity of the characters, as the character’s name is repeated in different forms and other patterns in different times, so we sometimes lose the ability to link events and characters across the times.

Here is talk about the ideas, theories and philosophies that underpin the series, and may contain some burning of events for those who did not watch it.

Eternal return and closed time loop

The Dark Series Season 1

“The return of everything is as close as possible to the world of becoming from the world of existence” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

The series is based on the idea of “eternal return,” a cosmological hypothesis believed by many philosophers, most notably Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher whose name was repeated and quotes from his words during the series.

Nietzsche believed and believed that cosmic events are repeated in the same manner and manner. What happened in the past is repeated in the present, and what happens in the present will happen in the future over repeated cycles of time.

In Nietzsche’s book, “This is the Man,” about the idea of eternal oud and how it came to him, he says: “It is the greatest form of assurance that man can attain. In August 1881, I wrote a small memo about it: six thousand feet behind man and time. “That day I traversed the forest along Lake Silvaplana, near a huge rock pyramid that emerged in the form of a pyramid.

To approximate the idea of eternity, we assume that the universe is a machine with a number of elements and components, this machine is programmed in a certain way so that it performs the same steps, processes and procedures whenever it is restarted, and the series depicts this machine as working continuously for 33 years, so that it produces during this The years are events, characters, and milestones that make up the universe at that time, then the machine turns off and reboots, and so on.

This is the simple idea on which the series is based, but the integration of the idea with the idea of time travel to show repetition in events and personalities, through the travel of some characters of the series to different dimensions of time, which created all this complexity, as it is a simple idea when we say it, but it is difficult To understand when they appear as cosmic reality.

Nietzsche’s eternal ideology was repeatedly mentioned in the series in different ways, for example: what happened to Eric and his disappearance is the same as what happened to Ullrich’s brother Madz 33 years ago, the same as what happened to Ullrich’s son Mikel 33 years later, and it is the same way as Charlotte says. . The characters occasionally report that they have experienced the same events before, but they do not know precisely and precisely (when? Where?), As well as the old sentence repeated by the old Hegel: “It will be repeated.”

Time Travel Gates

Dark Series Netflix

“Dark” uses the idea of the Earth’s star gates, formed in the cave of the forest as a result of a disaster or nuclear explosion, an event and produced a huge amount of energy, which in turn enabled the opening of gates with worm paths open on different dimensions of time separating the other dimension 33 years.

Time rings have a big impact on the principle of causality, as long as there is a wormhole there is a closed time loop inside it, everything is mutually conditioned, the past not only affects the future, but the future also affects the past, it’s like the question of chicken and egg, we can no longer say for sure About who was first, everything is interrelated.

The most illustrated work of the wormhole is the scene where Ulrich went to the cave to look for his son Mikel.He reached a closed iron door.Michael was on the other side of the cave and heard his father’s footsteps and called him, but he could not open the door. The time difference between them is 33 years, while the spatial difference is several meters. Here, time is an illusion and there is no real existence.

Philosophical struggle to explain the universe and existence

Dark Series Philosophy

There are two philosophies that control the course of events and dominate everything that happens in it: a philosophy that believes that the universe repeats itself in each cycle of the same events and behavioral patterns of characters, and another philosophy that believes that the events of the past can be changed to avoid future mistakes.

The philosophy of eternal repetition of events is represented by Adam, and the philosophy of the possibility of temporal change is represented by the old Claudia. So far, it appears that the first philosophical trend is overwhelming. Everyone who tries to change in the past fails and feels powerless.

We saw this in Ulrich’s attempt to kill Hegel the little to avoid losing his son Mikel, but we find that Hegel is being reinstated by Noah to play the same role. Also, Central Claudia tries to avoid the death of her father Egon Tidman when she knows it before it happens, but we discover that it was she who caused his death in the same place and history. The old Hegel also tries to kill the young Hegel by bumping into his car, but we are surprised that the old man dies while the young Hegel lives to repeat the same acts that shape the same future. A cycle of chronological rotation of events, perpetual and permanent, and a complete failure to change or modify.

In the series, we note the presence of people who control events, and try to adapt them to serve their faith and beliefs in the universe, life and human nature, and they are so far as it turns out: Adam and Claudia, both at opposite ends, Adam wants to keep events steady and their eternal repetition, while Claudia wants change.

Adam has followers who carry out his orders and agenda, as well as Claudia, and shows that the followers are hesitant and uncertain, as one of them may follow Adam and then warn him Claudia of what he does, and he is convinced and followed.